Luminate Derm Spa

Luminate Derm Spa is a skin care clinic in Edmonton

Project Background

Luminate Derm Spa, a brand new home-based spa established in 2022, aimed to carve out its niche in the competitive wellness industry. Recognizing the potential of a strong online presence, they approached us in August of that year with the goal of developing a website that not only showcased their unique spa services but also enhanced their visibility online.

Given that Lumine Derm Spa was brand new, with a single technician operating from a home-based setup, it was crucial to balance increasing their online footprint with their capacity to handle new clients. We launched the redesigned website in October 2022 and subsequently tailored a SEO package to support sustainable growth, ensuring that the influx of new clients matched the spa’s operational capabilities.

What We Did

  • Conducted extensive competitor analysis to identify effective keywords and SEO strategies, focusing on what has proven successful within the industry to guide our optimization efforts.
  • Developed a new website on WordPress, emphasizing aesthetic appeal, user experience, and search engine experience
  • Created dedicated pages for each of Luminate Derm Spa’s unique services, doing on-page optimizations for each pages target keyword.
  • Optimized the website’s structure and content for search engines, ensuring that each service page was strategically designed to attract and engage potential clients from the local area.


The launch of Luminate Derm Spa’s new website in October 2022 marked a turning point in their organic traffic, online engagement and local market penetration.

The service pages gradually started ranking for target keywords, those ranking steadily climbed, and Luminate Derm Spa saw an increase in website visits and inquiries. Services like facials, Algae Peels, and Microneedling all have first page positions.


Our work with Luminate Derm Spa showcases the power of targeted digital strategies in driving business success. With their calendar now fully booked months in advance and a consistent flow of leads, the spa’s online foundation is set for enduring growth.

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